Fireground / Fire Dept / Firefighter Photos




Community VFD Ladder 1 Rescue 1 & Engine 3

San Diego FD Copter 1    Community VFD Ambulances

CVFD Engine 1   Community VFD Engine 2    CVFD Engine 4

     San Diego Truck 21      Houston Ladder 76  "Alief ! "

Federal Truck 7   Community VFD Ladder 1   Houston Ladder 68

Corona FD Ladder 3      Ladder 343 Rolling Memorial ( Privately Owned )

Hermann Memorial Life Flight   San Diego County Sheriff / Fire Copter   US Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter

US Secret Service Emergency Services      Houston Field Emergency Operation Center

Memorial Hermann Life Flight   Mercy Air   PHI Air Ambulance

La Mesa Fire EMS Rescue     US Dept of Forestry

Life Net Helicopter   CDF Air Tanker 91   CDF Air Tanker 71

MCAS Miramar Fire Crash Rescue 50     San Diego Crash Fire Rescue

CA Dept of Forestry Air Tanker / Bomber   California Dept of Forestry, Spotter/Command Plane, OV-10 Bronco   California Dept of Forestry Fire Bomber

Tri County FD Tanker      San Diego WT28

Governor's Office of Emergency Service   Richmond / Fulsher Tanker Trucks   Vandenburg Hotshots

Imperial Beach Fire Department     Richmond FD Engine 5

LAFD Fire Attack 2   US Coast Guard Helicopter    California Dept of Forestry Heavy Lift / Fire Attack

San Diego Battalion Chief 5     San Diego Ambulance 21

San Diego Engine 4  Harley Fire Dept (Privately Owned)  Crest Forest Engine 28

Cy Fair Engine 4     Los Angeles FD Engine 3

San Diego FD Station 20     Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department    National Park Service

Norco FD Engine 821      San Diego Engine 1

CDF Fire Crews   Surf Rescue    Harris County ESD 1 Ambulance

Santee Fire Dept Truck 4    Los Angeles FD Truck 66

Santee MR5  Miami Dade Engine 4  North Oaloosa Fire Dept

Camp Pendelton Brush 2837    Houston Ladder 51

    Federal Engine 1   San Diego Engine 21 "PB Baby!"  Rancho Sante Fe Fire Dept

CVFD Booster Trucks 1 & 2     Paying respect to HFD Capt Grady Burke

San Diego Lifeguard   Coronado Lifeguard   San Diego Lifeguard

Laredo Fire Rescue    Santee Brush 4

Little York VFD Tanker 81   SDFD Wildland 35  CA OES WT 42

Fire Helicopter    CalFire Fire Helicopter

Houston Technical Rescue 11   Houston FD Cascade 2   Houston Ladder 28

CDF E 4295    Little York VFD Rescue 84

CA Dept of Forestry Fuel Tanker    Community VFD First Responder/Paramedic Cars

Community VFD Engine 2



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