California Firestorm 2007 : Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all the victims of this tragic Firestorm. Through these relentless weeks in Hell, special thanks goes out to all the Firefighters for a job well done. I also want to thank the law enforcement agencies, medical workers, The Red Cross, volunteers, National Guard, Navy, Marines, and good Samaritans for all their kind and needed help. Together and over time we will rebuild what was destroyed and heal these terrible wounds.


Captain Don Camp, CalFire Public Information Officer, HazMat Specialist, Rescue Technician, and future Chief

Special thanks to Captain Don Camp, California Department of Forestry (CalFire) -  friend, brother of the badge, and one 'hell' of a firefighter (excuse the pun).

Thanks for the information, your guidance, and most of all, for watching our backs!

A majority of these images were taken from the Harris Fire in east county San Diego, Gillespie Field CDF base camp, Steele Canyon High School evacuation center.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declares a State of Emergency in several counties across Southern California            



Special thanks and greetings to former wildland firefighter / photographer Tim Middleton, CalFire Public Information Officer Gina Chamberlain, CalFire Photographer Wes Schultz,  media professionals Priya David with KTVU San Francisco, John with Reuters, Jaclyn Allen with ABC Denver, and the many other Photographers, Reporters, and Journalist I met along the way.

Tim Middleton, visit CDF PIO Gina Chamberlain Wes Schultz, CDF Photographer Jaclyn Allen, ABC 7 News Denver Priya David, San Francisco John, Reuters



FIRESTORM STATISTICS for SAN DIEGO COUNTY: As of November 1, 2007. (Numbers are estimates and constantly changing.)

Sources:  County of San Diego Damage Assessment, Incident Command, CalFire (CDF)

505,279 Acres Burned

1790 Major Structures Destroyed

2215 Vehicles Destroyed

14 Related Fatalities

71 Firefighter Injuries

27 Civilian Injuries

560,000 Evacuated

28 Disaster Shelters

14,000 Firefighters Called to Duty

* * * Fire Apparatus

* * * Aircraft


California Firestorm 2007


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